Preparing For An Interview

Are you preparing for an upcoming Clinical Educator interview? Our team of Recruiters has put together tips and guidelines to assist you in preparing for what to expect and to help lead you through the entire Syneos Health interview process.

Types of Interviews



This phone interview may be conducted with a Syneos Health Recruiter and/or a Hiring Manager. Plan to be in a quiet area prior to the scheduled call with your resume in hand. Research Syneos Health and our business lines, and organize questions about the specifics of the position. Prepare to walk through and answer questions about your career history.



Video interviews are fast becoming a common interviewing practice and you may be invited to complete a 1-way video interview or a live video interview. Prepare much as you would a formal interview. Dress professionally and make sure to check your equipment, connectivity and lighting prior to the scheduled interview.



Our Clinical Educator candidates may meet with one or more hiring managers via separate meetings over one day or you may meet with multiple managers in one meeting via a multi-panel format. This is your opportunity to shine – make sure to research the position thoroughly and have all presentation material completed.



Before The Interview Groundwork

  • Be positive throughout the process, don’t speak negatively regarding previous companies and/or managers
  • Create a plan for how you will ramp up quickly in this role 
  • Research the hiring manager on LinkedIn
  • Conduct research on Syneos Health, the client hiring for the role, products and overall knowledge of the opportunity
  • Be able to explain why you want THIS job and not just ANY job (what’s your motivation)
  • Plan to discuss what specifically attributed to your successes (leading specialized therapeutic-based education, cross-functional teamwork, decision making, project development, etc.)


Behavioral-based Interviewing

Prepare to answer behavioral based questions. These are short narratives describing times when you overcame a crisis, led a team, met a deadline, resurrected a failed project, etc. The best techniques for managing a behavioral-based interview may include researching the position thoroughly so you’re well-informed, planning ahead for the types of interview questions you may be asked, and being prepared to walk through your responses with the interviewer. The interviewer will be focusing on core competencies such as Planning & Prioritizing and Customer Focus. Your answers should be concise and specific with detail. Think about your work experiences and be prepared to share given examples and outcomes.

Building a Clinical Educator Presentation

Due to the specialized nature of certain Clinical Educator roles, our candidates may be asked to deliver a presentation as part of the formal interview. To prepare, our Recruiters will provide 3-6 reference publications and/or abstracts. Candidates will be asked to compile a presentation based on specific requirements. The subject matter should focus on the specified disease state of the role and constructed to present within the time length given. 


Closing for the Job

Once the hiring manager has concluded the interview, you must proceed into your close. This is the time to reiterate your strong interest in the job and why you should be a candidate for consideration. Remember, if you don’t successfully close the interviewer on you as a candidate, how can you expect them to visualize you fostering strong relationships with patients and clinicians?


Interview Dos and Don’ts

The interview is your first step in the door and it is important to make a positive first impression.  Our Recruiting team has put together the following dos and don’ts to help you in putting your best foot forward before, during and after the interview.

  • Before
    • DO dress in business attire
    • DO research the company
    • DO bring a copy of your resume and references
    • DO bring a pen and notebook to takes notes throughout the interview
    • DO prepare questions to ask during the interview
    • DO psyche yourself up!  It’s okay if you are nervous or a little frightened.  You have nothing to lose and everything to gain
    • DON’T be unprepared for the interview.  You’ll never get a second chance to make a first impression
  • During
    • DO demonstrate passion, enthusiasm and energy throughout the interview
    • DO be confident.  You are the kind of employee this employer needs
    • DO represent yourself honestly
    • DO maintain direct eye contact
    • DO ask questions about the position, company and the interviewer
    • DON’T get too comfortable.  Remain professional and on guard
    • DON’T ever say anything negative.  Be careful when speaking about past and present employers
  • After
    • DO jot down notes to help you remember the highlights of the interview (questions, your impressions, and your performance).  These notes will help you in the future interviews along with writing thank you letters
    • DO email a thank you letter within 24 hours


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