Meet Our Veterans


We find that certain traits veterans possess such as empathy, effective listening, determination and commitment really complement our culture and are welcomed here at Syneos Health. 

Kerry, Senior Director, EU Commercial Staffing & TSP
United Kingdom

Military Experience
Royal Air Force - 8 years
Catering Squadron


My Syneos Health Story:

How has your military experience helped you in your career at Syneos Health?

In the military you're always thinking ahead in order to ensure you're prepared and organized for almost any situation. I still rise at the crack of dawn so as to effectively plan my day. Also, communication is an important attribute I honed during my time in the military. To lead a team effectively, you need to keep the flow of communication constant so the team understands what is expected of them and the results which need to be attained. 

Why should veterans choose to work at Syneos Health?

Outside looking in, a veteran may ask, "What sort of role can I perform with my skills?" There are more opportunities here than people may realize wherein their skills can successfully be transferred. Syneos Health really does invest in their people, allowing individuals to grow. As a veteran, you will experience the option to become involved in various projects and take on new challenges or even mentor someone else.  

How does working here differ and exceed where you have worked previously?

Working within recruitment, we get asked this a lot and it's a question I find easy to answer. Here at Syneos Health, there is an innate desire to succeed and it seems to reside in everyone you meet. However, it's within a culture of encouragement, not internal competition. People are given the chance to do something amazing, and there is support at every turn to ensure that people have the ability to deliver an outstanding service to our clients.

Is there anything further you'd like to say about what it's like to work at Syneos Health?

In the military, veterans acquire a great deal of knowledge in regards to supporting communities, providing aid and resources, and just being there for people in all forms of situations. I see the same here at Syneos Health where we are forward thinking in our approach to supporting clients globally who in turn support patients. 


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