Meet Our Veterans


Syneos Health recognizes their employees individual strengths and offers the opportunity for growth and achievement. They value our current and retired veterans and work to guide them in to a position for success. 

Brendan, Vice President, Business Development
Value Access and Medical

Syneos Health Advancement
Vice President, Business Development (2019-present)
Business Director, Reimbursement (2017-2019)
National Business Director, Sales (2013-2017) 

Military Experience
United States Army - 8 years
Captain, Tank Commander 


My Syneos Health Story:

How has your military experience helped you in your career at Syneos Health?

The ingrained discipline and work ethic, ability to communicate effectively with authority figures, working along side differentiating management and leadership and steadily managing stressful situations.

Why should veterans choose to work at Syneos Health?

Syneos Health values our current and retiring veterans and opportunity for growth and recognition of success is tremendous. Since joining the company, I've had the chance to launch and lead several successful teams which allowed me to be selected and step in to promotional roles. 

How does working here differ and exceed where you have worked previously?

You're recognized for individual strengths and placed in positions where you have the opportunity to drive success. I have had multiple roles at Syneos Health from Sales Leader to Reimbursement to building and launching new teams and now Business Development.

Is there anything further you'd like to share about what it's like to work at Syneos Health?

I am grateful to our current leaders that have helped guide and mentor me in my career over the last 7+ years.


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