Medical Communications

We believe that effective and compelling communication is critical to disseminating information in the world of healthcare, and we carry out our day to day accordingly. The diverse staff has a unified goal of contributing to the ultimate improvement in patient care across multiple therapeutic areas. Because our success is rooted in the ability to come together as a high-performing team to meet client needs, we place the development of relationships at the center of every initiative.

The nature of our work necessitates a cohesive and adaptable team environment and can-do attitude.  We believe enjoying your work is critical to succeeding at it. Therefore, we not only work as a team, but we “play” as one as well. Our successes are celebrated together in team outings, holiday parties, and cultural events throughout the year. And we are committed to growing and developing our staff, both personally and professionally. 

Cadent Medical Communications

Cadent Medical Communications delivers high science, high touch peer to peer education. The relaunch of the Cadent brand is in recognition of our heritage in high science and the increased necessity for translating complex science into compelling messages that deliver value and action. The credentialed professionals (PhDs, MDs, PharmDs) at Cadent provide clients with strategic insight and innovative medical communication solutions for even the most complex products and diseases. We provide content that can be syndicated across all media and channels to deliver solutions to enhance patient care. Cadent delivers the full range of medical communications tactics and deliverables including: Scientific narrative and platform development (including nomenclature and lexicon); Competitive landscape assessment; Peer Promotional and non-promotional materials; Publication strategy and execution; Speaker bureau and Congress management.

The environment in our New York and Dallas offices can best be described as collaborative, approachable, vibrant and ever changing. Teams are tightknit and embrace the fact that no two days are ever the same. If you are ambitious and looking to grow as we do, Cadent could be the place for you. We look for individuals who are willing to do what it takes to meet client deadlines, and who personify the old adage “work hard, play hard.” We are open and honest, caring and trustworthy. We believe a problem shared is a problem halved.

Litmus Medical Communications

Litmus Medical Communications, with offices in London, Manchester, Munich and Paris, acts as a catalyst to accelerate uptake and embed the value of therapies across the product lifecycle, bringing business strategy to science and scientific expertise to your business. With our base in Europe, we are cognizant of the diverse healthcare systems, regulations and market dynamics of the region; however, we are not limited by geography and support our clients at a local, European and global level.

Whatever the reach required, we specialize in building relationships, understanding and collaboration between the biopharmaceutical industry and medical/healthcare professionals. We develop a range of strategic solutions based on an understanding of both the objectives and issues of our clients as well as their stakeholders, focusing on facilitating peer-to-peer and scientific communications through a range of channels. As effective and compelling communication is key, whether for a marketing story, scientific data or market access support, we have a dedicated editorial excellence team providing content that can be syndicated to deliver solutions to enhance patient care.

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