Field Medical

Here, you’re truly making a difference on a global scale. You’re passionate about what you do. That passion combined with your expertise and years of experience is essential to delivering much needed therapies to those that need them most – the patients.

Each day brings an opportunity to take ownership of a new challenge. You’ll move healthcare forward and improve patient outcomes by providing thorough education either directly to patients or healthcare providers on particular disease states and supporting therapies. You’ll join our network of clinicians including clinical nurse educators, medical science liaisons, and medical directors working across 15 therapeutic areas.



Meet Our Recruiting Team

Here at Syneos Health, I have the opportunity to inspire a passionate team and to help our clients find the right talent to bring their therapies to market to help patients

Amanda, Associate Director
Field Medical Talent Acquisition
National Focus
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Amanda has flourished within a fulfilling 17-year career with Syneos Health Deployment Solutions recruiting team. Joining the company in 2003 as a Recruiting Researcher, Amanda expanded her career into the roles of Regional Recruiter and Field Medical Recruiter prior to receiving the promotion into her current position of Associate Director of Field Medical Talent Acquisition.

Amanda is a dedicated leader who takes pride in providing the highest level of service to her clients, collaborating closely with them to understand their culture, share her candidate assessment expertise and serve as a trusted advisor. "Here at Syneos Health, no day is the same," Amanda says. "I have the opportunity to interact and partner with many different clients, internal stakeholders and leadership, along with leading and developing my team to be successful in their role. Knowing the work we do to help our candidate's achieve professional satisfaction and our client's to build a team that will ultimately contribute to improving patients' lives is very rewarding."  


At Syneos Health, my work matters because I am able to make a match between candidates and managers and the work we do directly impacts patients. Every day

Andrea, Senior Recruiter
Field Medical Talent Acquisition
Region: West
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Andrea is our Field Medical recruiting team's Senior Recruiter with 11 years' of progressive experience with Syneos Health. Prior to being promoted in to the senior role, Andrea worked in both a Recruiting Associate and Field Medical Recruiter position. Andrea provides a strategic approach to field medical recruitment with an accompanying competitive spirit that helps in generating successful hires for our diverse and collaborative clients.

Andrea thrives in assisting candidates in their decision-making processes and helping her clients find that perfect hire. "Helping my candidate's progress in their careers and achieve success professionally and personally is very rewarding," Andrea says. "It's a great feeling when you fill a position and you have a happy candidate and hiring manager, and you know the end results will ultimately make a direct impact on a patients' life. It's one of the many reasons I enjoy what I do!" 


Syneos Health is a wonderful place to work! Everyone is a team player and there is such great collaboration along with lots of opportunity to learn and grow

Janice, Specialty Recruiter
Field Medical Talent Acquisition
Region: Northeast
Connect with Janice

Janice has been a member of our Syneos Health Deployment Solutions recruiting team since 2009, stepping in to her current role with the Field Medical team in 2010. As a Specialty Recruiter, Janice works closely with our Field Medical leadership to support their recruiting needs in the Northeast, along with sourcing, networking and interviewing our MSL, CML and Nurse Educator candidates.

Janice loves working closely with her candidates and learning about their background and career aspirations, and sharing with them what it means to work within Syneos Health's collaborative and thriving culture. "The best feeling is when a new hire reaches out and personally thanks me for the work I have done and for my professionalism," Janice shares. "Knowing I can make a difference in their careers is very rewarding and truly makes my work matter." 


At Syneos Health, I have the opportunity to be part of novel therapies or advancements in the pharma industry, and help my candidates land their dream jobs. I feel like I make a real impact in that person's life. 

Rafia, Recruiter Associate
Field Medical Talent Acquisition
Region: Central/Southeast
Connect with Rafia

Rafia is a driven and energetic recruitment professional. She began her career with Syneos Health in 2014 as a Recruiting Intern before hired full-time into the Researcher role for the Field Medical recruiting team. In 2016, Rafia received a promotion into her current Recruiter Associate position allowing her diverse experience in both the sourcing and recruiting settings. "At Syneos Health, I've been offered the opportunity to work within a dynamic, always changing environment," Rafia states. "And I've had the ability to grow so much during my time here, and develop my career."

Rafia focuses on forming strong relationships with her candidates offering guidance and expertise throughout the recruiting process, and she is passionate about making her work matter and helping both her candidates and her clients achieve their goals! 


At Syneos Health, I am able to speak directly to who we are and what we do, and how we as the Field Medical recruiting team, can introduce candidates to some really brilliant people and life changing therapies. 

Emily, Recruiting Researcher
Field Medical Talent Acquisition
National Focus
Connect with Emily

Joining the Field Medical recruiting team in 2019 as a Recruiting Researcher, Emily attributes the culture at Syneos Health as the primary reason she aims to build her career here. "We are very team oriented with the same goal in mind of making it a great place to work," Emily states. "And, my role is always evolving which allows me new challenges and keeps me on my toes."

Emily's recruiting accomplishments, fostered through matching hundreds of job seekers with pivotal career prospects, has also allowed her the chance to collaborate closely with candidates throughout the recruitment process. "I find it so gratifying when I introduce a great candidate to the recruiters and our clients and that candidate ends up getting an offer," Emily shares. "Knowing that my hard work and innovation in discovering qualified candidates leads them to an exciting career opportunity with Syneos Health truly makes my work matter!"

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